1.1. Truong Hai Auto Corporation ("THACO") understands the importance and respect for the privacy of the personal information ("Information") of visitors to the website and uses the services of THACO website and / or purchase of products, use the services of THACO hereinafter referred to as "Customer"); The website (s), products and services (collectively "Services"), in their sole discretion - THACO with this Privacy Policy ("Policy"), the collection, use, disclosure, storage of Customer Information THACO collects by means of the methods set out in Section 4 of this Policy.

     1.2. This policy applies to all of THACO's Services, but from time to time, for each Service or portion of the Service, subject to the specificity and requirements of the Service THACO may reimburse Add / Modify Content relating to this Policy to apply exclusively to those particular Services.

     1.3. This policy applies when Customer accesses, uses the THACO Service, and at any time Customer accesses, using the Services provided by THACO, ie, Customer agrees to the terms THACO is governed by this Policy (including supplements, modifications from time to time).

     1.4. Depending on the situation, the need for real privacy, THACO may adjust this Policy without notice or consent of the Customer. By updating this policy, THACO will revise the "Last Updated" time at the end of this Policy, so before accessing THACO Services, Customer should regularly check Again, Policy Information for the latest updates. In the event THACO updates the Policy and Customer's use of the Service after the Policy has been updated, it means that the Customer agrees and is bound by the new terms (s) identified in the Master Policy. updated book.


     2.1. THACO collects Customer Information primarily for the purpose of supporting and maintaining contact with Customers such as:

     a / Notifying customers of promotional information, advertisement or for other purposes of direct marketing or trade promotion;

     b) Maintain contact with Customer, answer Customer inquiries related to THACO Services;

     c) Support when customers purchase vehicles and / or use THACO Services.

     2.2. THACO collects information for the purposes of controlling and improving the quality of the Service such as:

     a) Control of access to, use of THACO Services;

     b) Analysis and optimization of THACO Services;

     c) Improving the quality of THACO's Services and / or Services of Subsidiaries and Affiliates of THACO (the "Subsidiaries").

     2.3. In addition to the purposes mentioned in subsections 2.1, 2.2, THACO may also collect Information for purposes other than those required by law.


     3.1. Customer information that THACO will collect includes:

     a) Name;

     b) Telephone number;

     c) Email;

     d) Permanent address;

     3.2. For each Service, other specific collection purposes, THACO may, from time to time, require Customer to provide additional Information to ensure Customer's use of the Service or to ensure its availability, Transactions between THACO and Customers are smooth, convenient such as: Customers own car, favorite; license plates; number of kilometers traveled) and / or other necessary information.

     3.3. For the collection of the information referred to in this Policy, THACO will always facilitate by establishing the features on the Website interface for Customer to decide whether to provide or refuse to provide the Information. for THACO.


     To ensure that the information collected is complete and accurate, as the case may be, THACO may choose to use a single or aggregated method of collecting Customer Information as follows:

     4.1. Ask Customer to provide Information

     THACO may ask Customer to provide Information in the following cases:

     a) Some of the THACO Services allow / request the Customer to create accounts or personal profiles and that, for best use of these Services, THACO may require the Customer to provide such information. in Section 3 above to meet Customer's demand for the Services.

     b) In case the customer requests THACO to answer any questions related to the THACO Services or the Customer requests THACO to provide the Services for example: online car purchase order, THACO may require Customer to provide Information to handle Customer requests quickly, accurately;

     c) The case requires collection of other information depending on the collection needs of THACO.

     d) THACO will always provide the option of deciding whether or not to provide the Information