From a narrow bus yard, old machinery and equipment, young management staff, products are not diversified directly under Chu Lai Motorcycle & Motorcycle Manufacturing Company - Truong Hai. is an independent factory, a large company develops incessantly, continuously launched the new product line with beautiful model, high quality quickly accepted by the market, enthusiastic staffs, experienced help the company more effective operation.

From a small workshop, Thaco Bus is now a leading bus company in Vietnam with diversified products in terms of design, color and quality. and favored.

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In 2012 with the aim of improving management in the whole factory, the Board of Directors decided to build Quality Management System in accordance with ISO / TS 16949: 2009. After nearly one year of efforts construction of the Board of Directors and all employees, 01/04/2013 Thaco Bus has been assessed according to international standards. And Thaco Bus is also the first automobile assembly and assembly company in the Chu Lai Truong Hai Automobile Mechanical Complex to be accredited.

In addition to production and business activities, scientific and technical work has been put on top by leaders of the company, innovative ideas are practical, widely applied, reduced labor. , increase the technology in the production line. Over the past years, the company has implemented dozens of innovative ideas, including many topics awarded by leaders of complexes and trade union committees rewarded on the occasion of year summary.