With state-of-the-art technology and advanced production lines, Thaco offers its customers high quality Vietnamese bus products that are suitable for passenger transportation in Vietnam. Building brand name Thaco Bus "is the brand of high-class bus products are favorite customers, most used in Vietnam; stability quality; superior features; modern design; Interior comfort and luxury; Always improved to meet the increasing demand of passengers. "

In 2006, with a production line and bus assembly line at the Chu Lai - Truong Hai truck plant, Thaco started researching and manufacturing the first passenger car bed according to the orders of the company. Hoang Long passenger transport section. Since then, passenger car bed has come to the domestic market, is preferred by customers and became the main means of serving long-distance passengers in Vietnam. After Hoang Long, most of the leading passenger transportation companies in Vietnam such as Phuong Trang, Thuan Thao, Phuong Hoang, Thanh Buoi ... and many other passenger transportation companies have other reputable products. Thaco bus. With the trust of customers along with the increasing demand of the market in terms of output and quality of products, as a result of improved research and technology investment, on May 14, 2010, Thaco The construction of THACO BUS special bus factory in Chu Lai - Truong Hai automobile industrial zone was commenced. The factory was inaugurated on 17 June 2011, with a capacity of 3,000 units per year.

In parallel with the factory investment, R & D Center of Chu Lai - Truong Hai Complex has researched, designed and put into production of bus-carrying products. Vietnamese brand - THACO BUS, with the localization rate of 40 - 46%, suitable for the conditions of passenger transport in Vietnam.

On the basis of these products, Thaco has also researched, designed and developed products for special needs such as business bus, medical bus for mobile medical examination and treatment, The Buses serve long-time troupes, traveling bus lorries, funeral cars, etc., as well as customized versions.

With the domestic market of high-end buses suitable to the conditions of use in Vietnam, Thaco aims to export buses to the AFTA market and participate deeply in the value chain. global automotive.